Meet Mason Hensley

Hello everybody. I'm Mason, the founder of Texabama Labs, founded in Houston, Texas but now located in Richmond, Virginia. We make tools, such as HipSpec to help teams leverage best practices to make better software.

I previously served as Chief Security Officer & VP of Technology at Vivante Health and as a Lead Engineer at IBM Watson Health - Value Based Care. My time at both was primarily spent building out their Population Health Platforms.

As a technology leader, my tech stack zen zone in working with teams typically:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python on the Data Science Side
  • Javascript (Node, React, Angular, etc)
  • Docker
  • Tons of Open Source - current favorites are Kubernetes, Metabase, Keycloak, PostHog & PaperCups

However, I've also used Nodejs, React, Angular, Vue.js, & Polymerjs. in the past production projects.

You can find me online at the following:

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